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Caps Kicking Tires of Japanese Import

The Vancouver Whitecaps have once again looked to the East to fill their needs at midfield. The Caps have now double dipped into the J-League - having attracted attacking midfielder Daigo Kobayashi to Vancouver for workouts with the club, where he'll get reacquainted with Jun Marques Davidson, who came to the Caps from the J-League last season.

Kobayashi, 29, comes to the Caps on the heels of Barry Robson's departure, as the team begins to ramp up its quality assurance measures in the midfield. So, who is the latest Japanese import?

He's an 11-year pro, who's mostly played in the J-League, but unlike his Scottish predecessor, has had true international experience, having played a season in Norway's Tippeligaen for Stabæk IF. More recently, he spent two years in the Greek Super League before returning to the J-League for the past two years, where he's been on the roster for Shimizu S-Pulse. Adapting to life in Vancouver should be the least of his concerns.

Kobayashi boasts 26 goals in 261 career league matches, according to Wikipedia.