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SBNation 2013 MLS Mock Draft: 86 forever selects...

Today, MLS blog managers all over participated in a mock draft. My picks, as well as their descriptions, are below.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This could also be called, Mock Draft with J.Szekeres. I'll just wait for some "Arrested Development" fans to congratulate me on my title. Two pun titles in a row, baby! Whoo! Anyways, I participated in a SBNation mock draft today, and as you know, the Vancouver Whitecaps have two picks in the first round. Here are my picks. (Be gentle)

With the fifth pick in the MLS SuperDraft, the Vancouver Whitecaps select.. Kyle Bekker

Pretty obvious pick, right? It wouldn't have seemed that way last year, when the Whitecaps had seemingly infinite depth at the midfield position. Well, here we are now, and the position is in tatters. It's been pretty well established that Gershon Koffie won't be hanging around the 'Caps locker room in the next couple of seasons. The club released overpriced veteran John Thorrington, although it might only be temporary. Jun-Marques Davidson put forth a serviceable effort early in the season before being firmly stapled to the bench, and Barry Robson- oh dear God, haven't I said enough about Barry Robson? That means the club desperately needs some help at the position, and what better choice than a good ol' Canadian kid? The best thing about Bekker is that he's a legitimate top 5 pick. No one is going to accuse the Whitecaps for taking Bekker simply because he's Canadian. This kid can flat out play.

With the tenth pick in the MLS SuperDraft, the Vancouver Whitecaps select.. Jonathan Mendoza

Rough, rough 2012 campaign. Unbelievable 2011 campaign. Extremely versatile, but incredibly undersized. I had buyers remorse about ten minutes after this pick, but that's life. Best part of Mendoza is that if he ever scores, we can all scream, MENDOOOZAAA!!