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Goodbye to Bonjour?

The Vancouver Whitecaps made a small splash last week, signing defender Brad Rusin to a deal. Does this spell the end of Martin Bonjour's time in Vancouver?

Jeff Vinnick

First of all, someone give me props for the pun in the title of this piece. Seriously, I'll be here all week,

Annnnnnnyways, I'm sure you all heard about the Whitecaps signing center back Brad Rusin last week, bolstering a pretty thin back line that is still, well, pretty thin. That being said, the Whitecaps are now carrying four, count em', four center backs on their squad, all of whom make a decent amount of money. In addition to Rusin, the 'Caps are currently carrying Jay Demerit, Andy O'Brien and Martin Bonjour. You've all seen 'Sesame Street' right? Well, one of these things is not like the other.

I think it's pretty safe to say that the Whitecaps Captain and lone all-star from 2012 will be back in his starting position when the season rolls around. The same could be said for Andy O'Brien, who only impressed in his time with the Whitecaps. He quickly established himself as a calming influence on the backline, really making him an important cog in the Whitecaps machine. Rusin was just signed, so it stands to reason that the 'Caps intend to keep him around for a while. Then, there is Bonjour.

Bonjour played a heck of a lot of minutes for a large portion of the season, however his sloppy footwork and questionable positioning often made him hungry for cards. He was essentially stapled to the bench for the end of the season, only getting playing time when Jay Demerit went down with injury in the playoff game versus the Galaxy.

Now, Bonjour makes nearly two hundred grand a year, making him a very expensive bench ornament. While the club would probably like to keep him on and see if they can correct his game, the Whitecaps have plenty of overpriced 'project' players on the squad as it is. Right now, I just don't think it's fiscally responsible for Martin Bonjour to enjoy the pre-game ceremonies, then spend the rest of his night warming up on the sidelines.

Am I crazy, or just beautiful? Tell me in the comments.