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No news is, well, no news

Last off-season seemed a bit more exciting didn't it? With the Vancouver Whitecaps choosing to holster their pistols this time around, what we see now is probably what we will get

Jeff Vinnick

Am I speaking too soon? You see, this is the problem with twenty four hours news; if I write an article speculating that the Whitecaps have, and will probably stay quiet this off-season, and then the 'Caps sign a guy two minutes later, I look like a pretty big jackass.

Here goes; wish me luck.

Given how the 2011 season ended, there was rampant speculation that several players would be jettisoned from the squad, especially the big two; Kenny Miller and Barry Robson. After all, both players had disappointed in their efforts with the blue and white, and both were far too expensive to take on as projects. The question really wasn't if the duo would be dumped, it was a simple question of when?

However, here we are now, a little under two months until the MLS regular season starts up again, and the Vancouver Whitecaps are essentially standing pat. There have been a few rumors about Davide Chiumiento, and a couple of depth players have been released, but essentially, nothing has changed. Really, the most notable move was waving bye bye to John Thorrington and his great hair.

For fans looking for blood and sacrifical lambs, I understand that this must be tough. However, if you're truly looking forward to saying goodbye to Barry Robson and Kenny Miller, this will probably get a little tougher for you. This is pure speculation, but given that Robson and Miller are still with the club this close to preseason, it's more probable that they will remain with the club. The Whitecaps confirmed today that players are expected to report for preseason duties on January 20th, just ten days from now. Now, that does not mean this roster is set in stone, especially with the super draft coming up, but it does mean that the 'Caps are more likely to run with what they have, especially with so few options on offense.

I know I'm kind of going against the grain here, with so new reports indicating that Miller might be taking his talents back to the Rangers, but I find it very hard to believe that the Whitecaps brass will let any of their limited scoring options go without getting something of value in return. To put it simply, I don't think Kenny Miller can truly bring anything of great value back. Plus, Bob Lenarduzzi has gone on record saying he hasn't spoken to anyone about Miller, and I put a lot of value in Lenarduzzi's word. Right now, it looks like the 'Caps are more than ready to move forward with Miller on board.

As for Robson, I mean, has anyone heard squat about this guy since the season ended? I think that when Thorrington was let go (and it still might be temporary) that was a big hint that Robson would be getting another shot with the Whitecaps. I mean think about it; when you have limited options at midfield, you don't give one of your midfielders up, no matter how overpaid he was, if you're planning on dumping another midfielder.

Earlier I said both would be gone, because both were overpaid and couldn't adjust to the MLS game. Now, I'm forced to reverse my opinion, and say that it looks like Miller and Robson are here to stay. What do you think?