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Time for Whitecaps to Face the Music... (Long Weekend Style)

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The first tangible confirmation that a team's in very serious trouble comes when fans' frustrations turn from being directed at the team to being launched at each other. And if you spend any amount time perusing the net for Vancouver Whitecaps-related soccer talk, you'll find some evidence that rates of friendly fire are increasing.

In the words of the recently departed Rodney King, "Can't we all (just) get along?" With a two-week break on our hands, perhaps it's time to settle back, relax a little, and enjoy a little distraction -- all intended in good fun...

All decent long weekends are fueled by good weather, great food, awesome friends, and the mandatory top songs countdowns on the FM dial.

Given the Vancouver Whitecaps' near-epic tale of woe, I figured I'd draft a playlist designed just for them:

#10 Wheels Won't Turn -- BTO
Stuck in neutral after four consecutive losses, it's time to call the tow truck...

#9 Satisfaction -- Rolling Stones
Pretty much self-evident with this one.

#8 Comfortably Numb -- Pink Floyd
As much a commentary on the seats at BC Place as it is on the effects of being a Whitecaps fan.

#7 Kick It Out -- Heart
Clearing the box, or just hoofing it down pitch...

#6 Communication Breakdown -- Led Zeppelin Don't bother looking at those heatmaps folks...

#5 Legs -- ZZ Top
OK, not really about the Whitecaps, but Christine Sinclair still gets honorable mention...

#4 Eight Miles High -- Cream
Kinda fits the shooting, from our mids especially -- couldn't find a title named "Eight miles wide".

#3 Who Are You? -- The Who
Identity, or lack of it, still not resolved issue with this side.

#2 Leaving On A Jet Plane -- Peter, Paul, and Mary
Pretty much a tribute to half the attackers that were around to start the year: Hassli, Le Toux, Chiumiento.

#1 I Can't Tell You Why -- Eagles
Summation of the notions as to what's behind the demise of the Whitecaps...

Got any ideas for the playlist? Let's hear 'em!