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FC Edmonton Cuts Four

To the surprise of nobody, four players have been cut loose from FC Edmonton today.

Benjamin Massey/Eighty Six Forever

FC Edmonton announced the release today of four players from their 2012 roster[1]. The four players released are Ilja van Leerdam, Matt Lam, Serisay Barthelemy, and Fabien Vorbe.

Vorbe was a 22-year-old Haitien import who spent most of his 423 regular season and 90 Voyageurs Cup minutes at left back. In the games I saw him he was athletic, stout but quick, but also extremely raw. Reportedly he played up top in Haiti but I didn't see the technical skills that suggested he'd be a great professional forward either. He was an interesting player but not an arresting one, and when you're approaching your mid-twenties time is running out to learn the technical rudiments Vorbe lacked.

Barthelemy, a French import, was a complete disappointment running things in the middle of the park and on the wing, generating next-to-no offense and being a problem defensively despite getting a large number of imports. He was probably one of the more expensive players on the Edmonton roster and his departure is welcome news.

As for Lam, his release isn't a surprise given that Edmonton didn't even want him practicing with the team anymore[2] but is still a disappointment. Lam is an obvious talent with youth, professional experience, and a seeming inability to work with Harry Sinkgraven. I'd hoped, in the bottom of my heart, he and Sinkgraven could mend fences and realize each other's mutual value: didn't happen. Fingers crossed Lam lands on his feet somewhere, but sadly in a community as small as North American soccer if your former coach is giving you a reputation as a bad egg, you are sometimes in trouble.

Van Leerdam's departure isn't exactly a surprise, but is still interesting. A 34-year-old recovering from a serious knee problem who may have been the most expensive player on the team isn't exactly a hot commodity, but when he played he was the ball-moving midfielder Edmonton so desperately needed all year. I can understand not wanting to pay big money to a player in van Leerdam's position, but the Eddies will need to move aggressively to replace him.

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