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Toronto - Vancouver Post-Game

As we can see Toronto FC fans are gormless morons, but that was still spitting in the eyes of the soccer gods a bit, Darren.
As we can see Toronto FC fans are gormless morons, but that was still spitting in the eyes of the soccer gods a bit, Darren.

That was horrible. It was horrible in more ways than the obvious.

Among some fans, the knives are out. I won't tell you the sorts of things I've been reading on fan boards and Facebook groups this morning because people are just so angry and so disappointed. If I took these people literally then I'd have to tear a strip off them, but instead I view it as a simple reflection of what we're all feeling: that gut-bursting disappointment, horror, and shock.

Toronto FC, the worst team in the world, somehow has our number. It's almost inexplicable, as is Toronto's suddenly turning into one of the best teams in MLS when Wednesday rolls around (they remain undefeated this season mid-week). These things happen in sports from time to time but that doesn't make them less infuriating when they happen to you.

What easy narrative out do we want to take? The Vancouver Whitecaps didn't have enough "heart"? They didn't want it? Davide Chiumiento totally would have marked Terry Dunfield? That sublime Luis Silva goal never would have happened if the Whitecaps had some indefinable whatever? Why has Barry Robson only got one assist, a couple decent chances, and a performance as Vancouver's best non-Darren Mattocks outfield player three games into his MLS career? He's the Scottish Jarju!

Vancouver got beat. The loss was hard on a team which had earned that miracle draw after Mattocks's high jump and needed a win at BMO Field even more than usual after that Chiumiento transfer threw so many fans into fear. It was an appalling, appalling finish to a second half which doubtless delighted the neutral, as both teams were playing at a high tempo and to a better-than-usual standard. We even got more good soccer out of Jordan Harvey, surely the most improbable resurrection story since Jesus.

In short, the Whitecaps celebrated the loss of their most creative element by playing their most audacious, attacking road game of the season. That would be nice if not for all the other horrible things that happened.

Every team loses a gutbuster like that once a season, except for Toronto who loses three or four. The FCs aren't a playoff rival, the three lost points won't knock us out of the playoffs unless we really hit the skids, and actually the victory is more likely to help Vancouver than hurt them: that's Toronto three points closer to making our draft pick from the Philadelphia Union first overall instead of second. If the Whitecaps get on with it, play well in Chicago, and return to winning soccer, then everything is fine. If they don't, then we have more problems than a mere lost point to the worst team in the world.