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Bits 'n Bites: Cleaning House...

Whether you're at Euro 2012 or World Cup qualifying, this coif is sure to please anyone in Poland, Denmark, or right here at home in Canada.  (Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images)
Whether you're at Euro 2012 or World Cup qualifying, this coif is sure to please anyone in Poland, Denmark, or right here at home in Canada. (Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images)
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Every once in a while I find myself with a steamer trunk full of observations and musings not quite banal enough to purge from my mind, yet showing no promise of developing into anything more than a paragraph or two. It's probably some leftover effects from the Caps' Canadian Championship run, combined with all the Euro 2012 coverage ramping up, and the Canadian MNT being action. The overlap of all three has me pulling in three directions at once, and not really focusing on anything at all. (Note to self...submit travel request form to boss, along with accreditation sheet to cover Euro...)

These tads and tibits just tend to build up and get in the way of more inspired work, so in no particular order, and with not the greatest attention to detail, I offer up some mental clutter to keep the boss happy with my line count requirements.

Whitecaps - Dynamo Post-Match Notes

  • Darren Mattocks turned in an excellent performance on Saturday, without doubt. But for my money, midfielder Gershon Koffie earned the Man of the Match award on several fronts, not least of which was his incisive passing, and confidence holding the ball.
  • Sebastien Le Toux had, quite possibly, his worst match as a Whitecap. While he gets a solid A- for effort, seemingly never running low on gas, he never got synchronized, and gave up possession more times times than I was willing to keep track of. Apparently, Martin Rennie didn't like what he saw either - subbing Le Toux off for the first time this season. I admire SLT's determination and his athletic ability, but I don't think he's as suited to playing out wide as he is as a center forward in a 4-4-2. Trouble is, the Caps, as a team, play better in a 4-3-3, where their overall lack of pace (except Mattocks) can be made up for by having the extra attacker in the three-man scheme.
  • Colin Miller did alright as the colour guy on TSN's broadcast. Now if only the network can lure Martin Tyler out of the U.K. to take over the play-by-play...
  • Is Alain Rochat's Hannibal Lecter mask really for protection, or is it actually a scare tactic? Freaks me out watching from my sofa, let alone up close and in-person.
  • 18,000 was all the Caps could draw on a beautiful June afternoon when the Canucks were long since toast and the B.C. Lions hadn't even announced their first training camp injury?? Seriously people??? Maybe there's just not enough bicycle parking available around the stadium...
  • Cannon & Luongo starting to look similar again when starting off the attack, but Joe gets a full pass, while I can't wait for Luongo to leave town.

Where in the World is Benjamin Massey?

Reports earlier in the week had him lost behind enemy lines in eastern Ukraine. Others have speculated that he's now incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay, after attempting to take a John Deere tractor mower onto the pitch at halftime of the Canada - Cuba World Cup qualifier last week. I have been able to confirm that claimed sightings of Massey walking along the Gardiner Expressway while wearing a TFC jersey are indeed a hoax -- Massey much prefers the Lakeshore Blvd route to BMO Field.

Euro 2012

Now that we've all had a chance to see all 16 teams in action, who do you like to take it all? My heart goes with perennial bridesmaids Holland, but my brain (which has to deal with all the wagers my heart gets me into) sides with arch-rivals Germany. Dark horse winner: Russia, coached by Dick Advocaat. Would be interesting to hear your picks and reasoning.

This Just In...

Yep, Massey's back... damn! Now I have to start delivering again...