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That New Canadian Centennial Soccer Jersey, In Full

Top is the flag of Toronto. Bottom is the new Canadian national team centennial kit. A limited run of these is being produced for purchase and they will be worn at two matches: when the men host the United States in Toronto (of course) this summer and when the women play the Americans at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah on June 30.

Given the CSA's blatantly pro-Toronto-and-damn-the-rest agenda, that's what we call an intriguing coincidence.

No, sadly for my conspiracy-loving self, I'm pretty sure it is actually just a coincidence (thanks to Twitter troll @LowtherLars for pointing it out). The jersey is meant to evoke those worn by the first Canadian national team to play an international in Canada; a arbitrary-as-hell distinction since Canada's international soccer history is far older than the CSA and stretches well into the 19th century, while Galt FC won us an Olympic gold medal in 1904. But it's as good a point in history to draw from as any, I guess, since I think this kit looks rather sharp.

The blue won't make a lot of friends and I've already read criticism of the old-style red maple leaf over the heart, but I like it. I approve of the simplicity. Many modern jersey designs with a collar look forced; this one looks natural. While I'm sure the template is just something generic from the Umbro catalogue it at least looks like it could be be-spoke to us; it's something Canadian fans will remember in ten years for the right reasons. This one gets the Lord Bob Seal of Approval, Toronto flag colours and all.