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The Best Moments of the Season: 2 and 1

The moment has finally arrived! The countdown reaches it's conclusion with the second and first best moments of the Vancouver Whitecaps 2012 season!

Jeff Vinnick

2) The Super Jump

Yes, well all remember how the July 12th match against Toronto FC turned out, as it was one of the more disappointing results in the Whitecaps 2012 campaign. However, the match did produce one of the most incredible goals scored during the entire year, with rookie striker Darren Mattocks doing the honors.

You all remember how the story unfolded; Mattocks had already scored once in the match, shooting his own rebound home in the 50th minute to open the scoring. However, Toronto FC scored twice, taking a lead into stoppage time. Just seconds into the extra time, Mattocks made an absolutely super human effort, leaping over TFC defender Logan Emory to tie the match at two. While the Whitecaps would unbelievably lose the contest 3-2, Mattocks marker was nominated for goal of the year, and his two goal effort was another sign that the super-rookie was indeed for real.

1) The Redemption of Eric Hassli

Before he was jettisoned from the Whitecaps, Eric Hassli played an important role in the most exciting match of the 2012 season. Let's set the stage here; It was May 5th, and the Whitecaps were taking on Chris Wondolowski and the heavily favored San Jose Earthquakes. The Earthquakes were riding a seven match unbeaten streak, while the 'Caps had a modest two match win streak going. The 'Quakes and 'Caps were tied at one heading into stoppage time, when Gershon Koffie sent a long pass in, for an onside Eric Hassli. Hassli raced down the right side of the pitch, no one in front except for 'Quakes goalkeeper Jon Busch. However, Hassli mis-fired, sending the shot well wide as fans grabbed their heads in disbelief.

However, Hassli got back on the horse minutes later. With just seconds remaining in the match, Hassli took a nice volley from Davide Chiumiento and moved in once again on Busch. Hassli, who hadn't scored in 17 matches spanning two seasons, managed to get a shot off just before being challenged. It deflected off an Earthquake defender before dinging off the post and crossing the goal line.

BC Place erupted. Hell, even the press box, which has a 'no-cheering' policy made noise. Later, Joe Cannon would call it the 'biggest win of the franchise' in MLS play. For just pure entertainment value, Eric Hassli and his stoppage time marker was the best moment of the Whitecaps 2012 season.

Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments.