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The Ten Best Moments of the Season: 8 and 7

In this edition of the ten best moments of the season, Jay Demerit starts a hairstyle revolution, and David Beckham saunters into town.

Jeff Vinnick

Number 8: The Mullet

Jay Demerit established himself as a fan favourite in Vancouver the minute he laced up his boots and put on a jersey. He's a hard working, charismatic leader who's also shown that he's a pretty funny guy. As Captain this season, Demerit took his relationship with the fans to a whole new level, while at the same time bringing mullets back into pop culture. (We'll forgive him for that)

Demerit's mullet became must have apparel for most members of the 'Caps, and some fans too. The club even promoted Demerit's Canadian tuxedo, incorporating the mullet into it's fan appreciation day. As Captain, Demerit is expected to bring his best every night and be the best spokesperson for the team. Demerit proved that not only can he do that, but he can bring it to the next level.

Number 7: Beck's comes to town

Last season, Whitecaps fans missed the David Beckham carnival, when the superstar missed the match due to suspension. People claimed it was a conspiracy, that Beckham didn't feel like travelling to play a middling Canadian team when he could be getting his nails done in Beverly Hills. I won't comment on whether that's true or not (although his nails did look awful purty when I met him), but fans were clearly miffed that he didn't make it out. This season was different. Beck's came to town on a roster filled with stars, like Robbie Keane and Landon Donovan, ready for a showdown with a competitive 'Caps team. He started off slowly, but ended up scoring to start the second half, sparking the Galaxy comeback that ended in a 2-2 tie.

GOAL David Beckham leads the Galaxy back with 3rd goal in 2 games (via mls)

Afterwards, Beckham took off his shirt on the pitch, and every woman in BC Place screamed at the same time, reaching a frequency that I'm pretty sure cracked glasses in the press room

In the locker room, Beck's was every bit the gentleman, withstanding the barrage of media that he had to face. He was courteous, friendly, and proved that he is a terrific spokesperson for the game.

Now that we know that Beck's won't be back in a Galaxy uniform, and probably the MLS next year, it's nice to know that Vancouver got to be a part of the David Beckham chaos at least once.

Do you have a moment you think needs to be enshrined on this list? Tell me in the comments!