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Ersatz Canadian Kids Game Day! U-20 Men v. Mexico, 7 PM PDT

FIFA ranking: 84
FIFA ranking: 27
Elo ranking: 59
Elo ranking: 12
7:00 PM PDT, Estadio Cementos Progreso, Guatemala City, Guatemala
No Canadian television; free live stream at

I wasn't planning to do a game-day thread for this game; frankly, I was just going to go over to a live chat at Canadian Soccer News and loiter there. But it doesn't look like there's going to be a live chat at Canadian Soccer News. And so, with hardly fifteen minutes to go until kickoff, I find myself hacking together the most ersatz of all game threads

But I'm only half-sure what the point is. This is a Canadian team that got knocked from end to end by Costa Rica and that struggled mightily just to beat Guadeloupe. It may be the worst Canadian U-20 team in living memory. Meanwhile, while Mexico's had their foibles on the U-20 stage in the past, they've sent a much better team this time around. Much has been made of Canada U-20's five-game undefeated streak against Mexico U-20, but those were much better Canadian teams against much weaker Mexican teams.

So yeah, we're going to get thrashed. But at least that means there's no pressure! Every goal against was inevitable; every goal for a minor miracle. It can actually be a lot of fun to watch a game you have little chance to win; I'm an Edmonton Aviators fan so take it from me.

The game's live and free within the CONCACAF region on Kickoff at 7 PM PDT, or about fifteen minutes from now. Allez les rouges!