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Vancouver Whitecaps Release Randy Edwini-Bonsu

Randy Edwini-Bonsu of the Vancouver Whitecaps
Randy Edwini-Bonsu of the Vancouver Whitecaps

Today, the Vancouver Whitecaps officially announced the release of forward Randy Edwini-Bonsu.

It's not a surprise. Edwini-Bonsu wasn't on our MLS roster and was training with the Whitecaps Residency team despite being too old for the program. It is, however, too bad, as Edwini-Bonsu was a long-time member of the Whitecaps system and once one of our most promising young players. He was a semi-regular part of the Whitecaps first team in 2009 and 2010 but between injuries and a bit of bad form just never broke into the lineup the way we all hoped he could.

If anything, it's surprising it took this long for the Whitecaps to cut him loose. Yesterday was Edwini-Bonsu's twenty-first birthday. So there's a hell of a present for you.

That said, Edwini-Bonsu always got a bit of a bum rap. He was one of this site's more significant pre-occupations last year simply because he was by far our best-producing forward and usually looked quite good despite getting very limited minutes. Virtually every gameday thread began or ended with something like "play Randy Edwini-Bonsu, dammit". He's a good player and somebody who I hope catches on.

(That said, Edwini-Bonsu grew up in Edmonton and we know FC Edmonton could use at least one more forward. Fingers crossed.)

EDIT: via Twitter, Edwini-Bonsu mentions that the departure was mutual and isn't sure about moving to FC Edmonton, saying it's "time to go back to Europe". Even if he doesn't play for a team I cheer for, I think I'll still cheer for him. I forgave him being friends with Teal Bunbury, for pete's sake.