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Whitecaps Game Day: Men v. Chivas USA, 4 PM PDT

We agree, Camilo.
We agree, Camilo.
(1-2-2, 5th West)
(0-2-2, 9th West)
Leading Scorer: Eric Hassli (3)
Leading Scorers: Moreno, Zimanski, and Conrad (1)
4:00 PM PDT, Empire Field, Vancouver, BC
Live on Rogers Sportsnet Pacific

Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day.

Alas for those of you who love reading my 1,500-word neanderings, I got caught on Broadway for hours longer than I intended (a lamb lied down), and as such I find myself without enough time to write up a proper game-day thread. Indeed, as I type this, I'd better hurry the hell up if I want to make sure I'm at Empire in time for kickoff.

So, Chivas USA. They're not very good; winless this season and last in the west against a not-incredibly-tough schedule. They're missing a number of key players to injury. They're relying on Alejandro Moreno for goals, which would be less of a problem if it were 2005. They're on the road, and we're constantly told that if you're a road team in MLS you're going to lose by sixty goals. Moreover, none of this is a surprise: the Goats were tipped to finish in the league basement long before the season kicked off.

This is a rebound game for the Vancouver Whitecaps. This is the sort of game where they don't ask how, they don't ask how many. So far, every game at Empire has been some sort of horrifying, exciting thrill ride, but there aren't many fans who'd begrudge the good guys a quiet, 1-0 victory in this one.

I haven't got time to say any more. But, really. For the Whitecaps, this is more than merely a winnable game. This is an expected win. Injuries and all, if we don't get three points here we better be really unlucky. Sporting Kansas City-level unlucky.

(No lineups or previews. Jesus, I need to get out of here! I'll be in the comments once I reach Empire, hopefully; amuse yourselves, I guess?)