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Vancouver Whitecaps to Announce a Major International Friendly "Coming Soon"

Pending Vancouver Whitecaps announcement of a "major international friendly, coming soon"
Pending Vancouver Whitecaps announcement of a "major international friendly, coming soon"

This advertisement, expected to run in major Vancouver-area newspapers tomorrow morning, arrived in my e-mail inbox this afternoon. It should be fairly self-explanatory: there's a Major International Friendly for the Vancouver Whitecaps coming soon. Perhaps even more delightfully, the advertisement says that it's included in the season ticket package.

You'll be unsurprised to hear that there's no opponent mentioned on this advertisement. The Whitecaps have a press conference tomorrow at 9 AM, presumably to discuss this Major International Friendly. I don't expect to hear an opponent, simply because if they'd picked out their adversary you think they'd mention more specific information in the advertisement. This is probably just meant to bring in more season ticket sales: the Whitecaps have already pro-rated their remaining season ticket packages to exclude games already played and are aggressively pushing rest-of-the-season sales.

Existing hints on the friendly are that it's against a team that's a) European and b) bigger than Newcastle. The first category, if accurate, would rule out Club America, visiting Portland later this season.

I don't like Major International Friendlies. Mid-season friendlies distract from games that actually matter and I suspect that they don't actually bring in many new fans who stay with the team. At best, they're good for "Gabe Gala scored against Real Madrid!"-style novelty factor and a bit of transient hype from the Europhilic soccer media. Still, if the Whitecaps are going to do it, they're doing it right by including it in the season ticket package. Season ticket holders will notice they received a ticket for a game that's to be announced, but that's supposed to be for the final of the Voyageurs Cup (if we get that far)."