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So You Wanna Write for Eighty Six Forever? (For God's Sake, Why?)

So, Major League Soccer season is coming up. The Whitecaps are dallying, putting their roster together slowly, and still don't have any scoring punch. Well, I've learned my lessons from the best, and so it's with just a month left to go that I'm looking for a couple of transfers of my own.

Have you always wanted to blog for no money on a site with mediocre readership and lots of advertisements? Are you a fan of the Whitecaps or even some other aspect of western Canadian soccer looking for a place to shine? Are you, and I'm going to be blunt when I say this, a genius? Then Eighty Six Forever might just be looking for you.

I'm looking for a writer, or more than one writer, to help bring this site's roster up to snuff. Obviously, Whitecaps-related writers are very welcome. But so are people who want to do occasional features on FC Edmonton, or the Victoria Highlanders, or the Pacific Coast Soccer League, or some other part of this wild and woolly game in the wet and windy parts of Canada. I warn you that I am fairly particular about the quality of writing and analysis I'm looking for: somehow, a few people think this is an interesting, informative site and I'd rather keep that unearned reputation up if I could help it.

If this interests you (and I realize I've described this so appealingly), fire an e-mail to and let me know. Time commitments, number of articles per annum, and the like are extremely flexible, so even if you think you don't have that much writing in you let me know.