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The Great Big Eighty Six Forever Draft Day Open Thread

So. This is it. You've seen what I think we should do, and you've doubtless got your own opinions on what you think the Vancouver Whitecaps should do. In a few short hours, all of our questions will be answered.

Would Darlington Nagbe prefer to play in Portland for immigration reasons? (Maybe.) Is Perry Kitchen the best overall player in the draft anyway? (I think he isn't, so he almost certainly is.) Will the Whitecaps trade the first overall pick? (If they do, they better get Dejan Jakovic coming back the other way.) Are any of these players going to have as big an impact on our team in 2011 as signing Robbie Savage would anyway? (Probably not.) And, last but not least, where will John Rooney go? (My serious pick: mid-second round. Though apparently he sucked in some eyeballs at the combine.)

Draft festivities kick off at 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time and will be broadcast live in Canada on Gol TV and a video broadcast of rounds two and three live on Through the fickle grasp of misfortune I've actually been called in to my real job on draft morning, but consider this your "oh my god I can't believe they picked the alphabet midfielder first overall!" open thread, and I'll get in with analysis when I can!