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Social Media is for Dweebs! (And Us)

Socialmedia_mediumObviously, since you're at this website, you know how to find updates on this here website. Most people just set a bookmark and swing by the site now and again to see if something's different from last time. But apparently the social media thing is popular these days, and being nothing if not a trend-follower I've thrown Eighty Six Forever onto that bandwagon with the furious abandon of a crazed rhino.

If you're not familiar with our Twitter feed, @86Forever, swing by and give us a follow. It posts links to every update on this website, and it's a great place to ask me questions or tell me what an idiot I am without coming over and commenting. As well, you can feel free to follow my personal Twitter, @Lord_Bob, if you want to talk to a grumpy guy whose sports teams always seem to lose and who will constantly tell you about it if you let him.

Last and most recently, I've started a Facebook fan page, logically enough named Eighty Six Forever. If you like that page, updates on the website will be linked straight from your News Feed. In addition, the Facebook page will start to host pieces of multimedia that don't fit on the main site. Photos from the match or of cool things that wouldn't fit in an article - really, it'll be a Web 2.0 extravaganza.

Social media may just be a trend, but let no-one say I don't leap into a trend with both feet.