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Holy Hell, Hoilett Hurt

Dave Hoilett has been knocked out (German) of the rest of the German 2.Bundesliga season with a broken toe, sustained earlier today in 1-0 loss for his FC St. Pauli side.

This is obvious a serious damper on our hopes of getting Hoilett a cap in the Gold Cup. A broken toe isn't a hugely serious injury and Hoilett could be back in July if he really wanted to, but is someone with his history of national ambivalence going to put himself through pain in order to wear the maple leaf? I'm not holding my breath.

That said, the Hoilett saga is at the point where, if I'm Stephen Hart, I'd name Hoilett and put him out in the 90th minute sometime just to get him capped if he was willing to come. But coming on the heels of hopeful comments from Hart on It's Called Football a couple of weeks ago about getting Hoilett a senior cap, this is seriously disappointing. Hopefully the Jamaicans are so disspirited by this minor injury that they never call him again.