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So, Stephen Hart, Eh?

It's Stephen Hart for interim manager of the men's team. Not a bad choice, and if we were going to take an interim manager Hart would be my choice. Let's not forget that I'm the guy who called Hart "the only plausible candidate". We can go ahead and forget that I've spent pretty much every millisecond since then predicting Tony Fonseca, though.

Unfortunately, apparently "Stephen Hart" is French for "long-term solutions cost money". You're really going back to the interim tag? Really? After the World Cup consequences of switching from Hart to Mitchell were so catastrophic? Really? I understand that the CSA is under heavy financial pressure, only partially of their own making. But if you're completely unable to afford a proper manager in 2009, what are the odds you'll be able to bring in a big name in 2010?

If you're going to go with Stephen Hart, then by god go with Stephen Hart. Give him a two-year contract and the keys to the car. Let him run through the Gold Cup and the 2010 friendly season without the Sword of Damacles hanging over his head. If he's a bust, we know something's coming way in advance and have time to get our ducks in a row. Hart goes on his way and we get a new manager in plenty of time for the 2011 Gold Cup. If Hart's a success then by god we ride that Trinidadian horse into 2012 and beyond.

Personally, I don't think Stephen Hart is a long-term fix. The Gold Cup was a fantastic tournament but Dale Mitchell had some brilliant moments too (before the U-20 World Cup he was practically a golden boy). We need to find someone from outside the CSA system, someone with his own ideas on how to run things, and Hart is a career Association man who is singularly underqualified in any case. But if you're going to trust Stephen Hart, then trust Stephen Hart. Give him the chance to prove me wrong.