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Mitchell Gone? The CSA Denies It, But...

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Freelance sports journalist Duane Rollins (MediaGuy on the Voyageurs' board) is reporting that Dale Mitchell is on the way out. To put it politely, he's being "reassigned". His supposed responsibilities will include those currently being undertaken by the technical director, so if accurate it seems certain that Stephen Hart is going to be his replacement.

Proper post tomorrow. Getting rid of Mitchell is inherently a step forward, of course, but bringing in another CSA Old Boy in Stephen Hart would be only a marginal upgrade. On the other hand, the 2007 Gold Cup still rings in a lot of our memories. On the other hand, while we hear about the players refusing to play for Mitchell again most of those that have spoken out (De Guzman, Brennan) are upset at the organisation, not the man. On the other hand...

This is a tricky one. But I hope it's true. The CSA is officially denying it but Rollins has a good reputation and he's sticking his neck way out on this one.