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Reviewing matches attended or witnessed by Eighty Six Forever's crack team.

Camilo Double Keeps Caps Alive


Camilo Sanvezzo scored a brace tonight to help the Vancouver Whitecaps stave off MLS playoff elimination.

Caps' Rare Road Win Keeps Playoff Hopes Alive


The Vancouver Whitecaps scored both early and late, en route to a 3-0 away victory over the Montreal Impact.

Playoff Aspirations Pretty Much Snuffed Out


The Vancouver Whitecaps fell 3-1 to FC Dallas last night, in a loss that makes playoff elimination much more of a "when" than an "if".

Caps Not Hitting on All Cylinders


While the Vancouver Whitecaps played a decent match last night, their failure to capitalize on quality chances did them in, as they fell 1-0 to the visiting LA Galaxy.

Caps Rumble Down Road to Final


The Vancouver Whitecaps move on to the 2013 Canadian Championship Final.

Flatline in Frisco


The Vancouver Whitecaps failed on almost all fronts Saturday, as they dropped a 2-0 decision to FC Dallas in a match that could have been much, much more lopsided.

After the Draw: Post-Match Chat...


Caps-Quakes 1:1. Share your thoughts...

424 Words on the Whitecaps


We should probably wait until tomorrow, when our blood has cooled and our buzzes have worn off, to really hit the Vancouver Whitecaps' 2012 post-mortem. Tonight, Vancouver did well most of the...



As we established earlier today, I don't give a damn about the history. The Vancouver Whitecaps making the playoffs for the first time since 2010 will be a big deal to MLS-era-only fans, of course,...

Camilo Sanvezzo Makes Me Drink



Canada - Panama, and How We're Like Them


Canada beat Panama in World Cup qualifying on Friday, partially by being more like our opponents than we may want to admit.

That Vancouver - Dallas Game Sucked and I Hated It


The Vancouver Whitecaps - FC Dallas game wasn't just a loss. It was sloppy, dull, chippy, divey, dull, incompetent, and dull.

Brownout in Vancouver as Caps Fall to FCD


The Vancouver Whitecaps were missing three starters and all of their finish as they dropped a 2-0 decision to FC Dallas Wednesday evening at B.C. Place Stadium.

Canada - France Post-Game: Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God


Canada's victory over France did more than win them bronze: it won them a place as Canadian soccer immortals.

Canada - United States: THAT.


Canada's 120-minute national nightmare at the hands of Norwegian referee Christina Petersen is over, but we certainly shouldn't feel let down by our team.

Canada - Japan Post-Game: Could Be Worse...


Canada lost 2-1 to Japan in their Olympic opener but at least looked good doing it. Their position going into their next game against South Africa could have been so much worse...

Vancouver - San Jose Post-Game: Inevitable


Why did Frank Yallop look so miserable when his Earthquakes were tied 1-1 with the Whitecaps? Did he sense the inevitable?

Vancouver - Los Angeles Review


Did the Whitecaps draw against Los Angeles because they were tired? Because they got cocky? Or because they were just stupidly unlucky?

Toronto - Vancouver Post-Game


The Vancouver Whitecaps loss to Toronto Wednesday night was a nightmare, but (and it sounds weird to say this) that's all.

That Chivas - Whitecaps Game, In Full


You can see why Martin Rennie wasn't too aggressive for the Vancouver Whitecaps on Saturday... but he should have been.

Colorado - Vancouver Post-Gamzzzzzzzzz


What an ugly, unwatchable game, mostly livened up by a keeper's wardrobe. Still. Three points for the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Quick Thoughts on that Los Angeles Galaxy Debacle


A few quick, belated thoughts, not just on what went wrong in Los Angeles but the reaction to it.

Whitecaps - Red Bulls Post-Game


The Vancouver Whitecaps did well apart from the lead they blew, but if they pick up the lesson it won't matter.

Vancouver's Great Thirty-Minute Win


The Vancouver Whitecaps played thirty minutes of great soccer yesterday and won. One thing in that sentence is a problem.

Toronto - Vancouver Post-Game: Can This Please Stop Happening?


The Vancouver Whitecaps got killed by the worst team in the world and lost a trophy. They'd better learn their lessons.

Vancouver - Toronto Post-Game: Bitten by the Underdog


Toronto FC played plucky underdog soccer against the Vancouver Whitecaps, so let's see Vancouver assert superior skill.

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