Hysterical Ranting

Sometimes, I just need to get some shit off my chest.

An Open Letter to Ben Massey


86 Forever responds to our Editor Emeritus' decision to no longer support the MLS Whitecaps

Brand Promise Not Delivered


Our all. Our honour. Well, in Dallas last weekend, that was a brand promise that didn't get delivered.

The Canadian Disgrace


Now cracks Canada's noble heart. Good night sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.



Before this tournament, I would have taken a bronze medal. I would have been absolutely thrilled. But today? After all of that shit? After the indirect free kick and Alex Morgan and France...

Why Pay $500 Million for a Stadium If You Can't Use Half of It?


The Vancouver Whitecaps aren't opening the upper bowl at the renovated BC Place for David Beckham and the LA Galaxy, and that's their decision, but then what were Beckham-hungry BC taxpayers paying...

4 Days, 270 Minutes, 41 Degrees: Why Is a Youth Tournament in Texas?!


Whose bright idea was it to have teenagers from cold cities play three games in four days in 41-degree heat? US Soccer apparently thought that was brilliant.

What the Crap is a Sporting Anyway?


Tomorrow, the Vancouver Whitecaps play the Kansas City Sportings. What's a "Sporting"? Get your own identity, losers.

451 Words of Canadian National Team Optimism


Dear Canadian national team fans: that was a heart-breaking goal, wasn't it? Yeah. Now calm down already.

The MLS Roster Freeze Has Come: An Analysis of Tom Soehn's Strategy


The MLS roster freeze has come and gone, so let's look at Vancouver Whitecaps director of football Tom Soehn's strategy. Um, I mean "strategy".

Whitecaps Rain Day: Men v. Nobody, 1:30 PM PDT


Thanks to the Manchester City friendly a Vancouver Whitecaps league game has been postponed due to light rain. This submission to the friendlies is just unacceptable.

A Post-Game Rant on the Voyageurs Cup


After yet another inglorious, disasterous loss for Vancouver Whitecaps it's past time to rant about the coach.

The Voyageurs Cup and the Association That's Disgracing It


The Voyageurs Cup is a great trophy. It could be a great tournament, but the Canadian Soccer Association has disgraced it again.

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