Getting to the bottom of news and notes from around western Canadian soccer.

Road Record: A Differential Diagnosis


The Vancouver Whitecaps have improved their road performance steadily since entering MLS in 2011. Three years on, the trend continues at the halfway point in the season. Will it be the deciding...

World Cup Dark Horse Series: Part 1


In the first of the three-part series, Eighty Six Forever looks at three World Cup contenders very much on the periphery, yet not as far from the knockout round as you might think.

So How Do Whitecaps V4.0 Stack Up?


86 Forever takes a look at the Vancouver Whitecaps through their first four matches over their four seasons in MLS.

Caps Report Card: Who Gets a Passing Grade?


Following Matchday 2 vs Chivas USA, who leaves Carson City with good grades?

Red Bulls Taken by the Horns


The Vancouver Whitecaps' attackers got pretty much all the glory this past weekend, but it was the team's defending that really took the Red Bulls by the horns.

86 Forever Whitecaps Season Preview: Rob Scott


An in-depth look at the Caps before First Kick.

86 Forever Whitecaps Season Preview: Mark Dailey


The new MLS season is just one sleep away and Eighty Six Forever's Mark Dailey takes a look at what lies ahead for the Whitecaps this year

Scoring: Load Needs to Be Shared


Goals from the midfield were a relative rarity in 2013. This year, that will have to change if the Vancouver Whitecaps are to be successful.

Is MLS Selling Itself Short?


Major League soccer earns a very paltry 38 million dollars in TV revenues annually. If the league needs additional air beneath its wings, surely TV rights have got to come under the microscope.

Almost Everything to Play For


No, they won't make the playoffs, but make no mistake - this weekend's match against the Colorado Rapids is hardly a mean-nothing game.

Graphic Content: Who's Paying Dividends?


With only a handful of matches left in the current MLS season, it's time to start the assessments...

How Many Wins Will It Take to Make the Playoffs?


With only 6 games left in the season 86 Forever examines the combinations of results and points that the Whitecaps will need to reach the MLS Playoffs for a second year running.

Examining the Caps' Keepers


With just a handful of games remaining in the MLS season 86 Forever takes a look at how the Whitecaps' goalkeepers measure up against one another.

Can the Whitecaps Hold On for the Next Two Weeks?


Things are hard enough for the Vancouver Whitecaps. They've dipped down into 7th spot in the MLS, are currently out of the playoffs, and two of their best players will be missing over the next two...

The Playoff Stretch by the Numbers


As the Vancouver Whitecaps enter the final stretch of the MLS playoff run, we take a look at the final countdown.

Scouting Report: State of the Union


86 Forever takes a look at the Philadelphia Union in advance of Matchday 21: Caps - Union

Caps - Galaxy: Victory Not in the Stars for LA


All the signs are pointing toward the Vancouver Whitecaps taking the full three points from Los Angeles this weekend.

Fire Starter: Mike Magee Ignites Chicago


The addition of Mike Magee has been the turning point for the Chicago Fire this season. A quick look at Chicago's latest hometown hero.

Breaking Down the Revolution


The Vancouver Whitecaps host the New England Revolution this weekend at BC Place. We take a look at the 2013 Revs, and what exactly the Caps will be facing.

Will Break Do More Harm Than Good?


The Vancouver Whitecaps enter the second leg of their Canadian Championship final versus the Montreal Impact well rested. But will that be a good thing?

LA: Star Gazing


The Vancouver Whitecaps take on the LA Galaxy tomorrow. Here's a look at some of the key players for LA.

Value for Four Million?


The MLS Players Union released detailed salary figures for all the league's players Monday. Looking at the Vancouver Whitecaps, are they getting enough bang for their buck?

Looks Not So Deceiving


A visualization of the Vancouver Whitecaps' 2012 and early 2013 season... for those who care to stomach it.

Midfield Needs to Step Up


It all starts in transition. And lately, the wheels have been spinning, but not much has been happening.

What's in the Cards in Texas Hold 'Em?


Two solid sides look to regain lost momentum as the Vancouver Whitecaps visit the Houston Dynamo.

Looking at the Numbers


Y. P. Lee was a stud for the Vancouver Whitecaps this past weekend. He may not have shown up on the score sheet, but his numbers look pretty good to me.

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