Three Questions With: Randall Serr of RSL Soapbox

Gene Sweeney Jr.

It's baaaack! This week, Randall Serr from fellow SBNation blog RSL Soapbox stops by Eighty Six Forever to talk about the ageless Nick Rimando, and the early season play of Alvaro Saborio and Kyle Beckerman.

The Whitecaps haven't tasted victory in a few weeks, so you know they'll be hungry when they take on Real Salt Lake this weekend. Now, speaking of bad segues,  3 Questions With is back for another week by overwhelming popular demand (my mother).

This week, Eighty Six Forever sits down with Randall Serr from fellow SBNation blog, RSL Soapbox. On the docket, Nick Rimando, the start of Alvaro Saborio, and the early play of Kyle Beckerman.

86FOREVER: You can't talk RSL without mentioning Nick Rimando. What does he do so well in net?

RANDALL SERR: There is now a lot of chatter that Nick Rimando is the best goalkeeper in MLS history, and for good reason. He has amazingly quick reflexes, as evidenced by the saves he makes nearly every game.

He is fantastic with the ball at his feet, and he has the highest percentage of PK saves in MLS. Not to mention he is a couple games away from breaking the all-time shutout record in MLS. So he does a lot of things well. I would say that the best thing he brings to the table that does not show up on the stat sheet is that he is a leader in the locker room. He is jovial while at the same time determined to win.

86F: Three goals on the season for Alvaro Saborio. Is that about right for him, or could he be producing more?

RS: He could be producing more, sure, but I think you could say that about a lot of forwards. Even the elite ones. There is no concern that Saborio is missing a beat as far as goal-scoring goes.

He still leads RSL in goals scored thus far in 2014 as well as all-time. I predict that he will score at least 10 goals this year, but probably more. He is methodical and has proven he can score goals consistently over the years.

86F: Kyle Beckerman is off to a nice start for RSL stats wise. How has his game been this season, in your opinion?

RS: Kyle Beckerman seems to get better every year. It is truly fascinating. I think Klinsmann saw in him what a lot of American soccer fans are just realizing, and that is that Beckerman is disciplined and gets the job done every time.

He rarely makes mistakes and he can help his team keep possession and facilitates the more attacking midfielders to create in better space. Thus far Beckerman is on pace to have his best season yet when you count his success with RSL and the national team.

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