I thought as we hit the latter end of the season, going over some of the weird numbers and Caps data (or "Cata") on this blog might be interesting. Y'know, the weird numbers flying around in your head as you lie in bed. Some may be true, some may be stupid and some will be just comedic. Here's some weird patterns and facts I've noticed this year.

-Jordan Harvey has scored four goals this season. Every one of those goals was to equalize the match. Proof: He made it 1-1 against Chivas, Portland and New York, and also made it 3-3 against New England.

-Gershon Koffie has never scored on the road (ever)

-We are yet to score a goal later then the 83rd minute (which was against NY) that has either equalized or put us ahead in MLS play. In terms of last year, we scored four goals past the 80th minute mark that meant something to us.

-More then six soccer balls can be spotted, stuck in Tommy Heinemann's hair (on a sunny day).

-After some memorable wins against Seattle, Los Angles, New York and D.C. United, the only teams the Caps are yet to defeat in MLS play are the Portland Timbers and Sporting Kansas City

-Mustapha Jarju scored a total (including Amway Canadian Cup matches) 0 goals. Corey Hertzog has scored more from 35 yards and out for the Whitecaps.

-Camilo has scored exactly 50% of his goals (including Amway Canadian Cup matches) off dead-ball scenario's

-100% of the Whitecaps who give 110% spent a bit too much time kicking a ball in highscool, rather then learning Math

-Just under 35% of kids under the age of 12 at Whitecaps Camps were offered low money salaries to play next week as a fill-in center back

-Insult to injury (literally), the Whitecaps actually have the most depth of any position in center backs, with a tally of 5

-This season, the top 10 teams in the MLS have a difference of 5 points. Last year in the BPL, the top 10 teams had a difference of 43 points (funny how much a difference a salary cap makes, huh)

-Camilo Sanvezzo has scored as many goals (without Amway Canadian Cup matches) as the entire D.C. United team

-The Vancouver Whitecaps scored 3 goals in just the first half of the match against the New England Revolution on June the 15th. Last season, it took them a span of just under six matches to score three goals.

-We have won every home opener in our MLS era

-Combining all of our goals from centre backs, they strangely have as many with their feet as their head (Bonjour with his feet, Jay with his head)

-Camilo is to free-kicks as David Ferriera is to sportsmanship diving

Thanks for letting me share! Comment some of your own

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