Brazilian National Duty?

After watching both Camilo slot in his ninth (twelve in all competitions) goal, as well as Brazil recapture soccer's throne from the mighty Spain, it makes me think if Camilo could ever be part of Brazil. Now the obvious answer would be no, but when I started to think about it, I realized their could be a chance. Let's look at some factors to why Camilo might play internationally.

1. Brazil is short on Strikers

Camilo was certainly unlucky for being born into such a famous soccer country, but he may have got a stroke of luck playing as our number 11. As the ex-Ronaldo era begins for Brazil, they still hunt for that mobile, skilled striker. I wouldn't say Brazil's Golden Boot runner-up Fred isn't good, but he's a bit of a weakness in a star-studded team. Their secondary striker, Alexandro Pato, is too injury plagued to get a chance, and Hulk and Neymar are too good on the wings to put up top.

2.Camilo is hitting his prime

Brazil seems to love players in that 24-29 age range. Only 4 players weren't in that area from last night's victory (Dani Alves 30, Julio Cesar 33, Oscar 21, Neymar 20). Camilo, at 24 years old, is beginning to hit his stride with his club and he wouldn't be brushed aside so easily next time a friendly arises.

3. Camilo is on top form

Camilo is getting on a roll, and we can expect more from him. In interviews he has said this isn't even his full potential, not like the run of goals he had in Malta. Now, I don't think a good 15-20 goals will put him on Brazil's radar, unless he wins the Golden Boot. Even though 20 goals could win you the Golden Boot, something to show for his goals is necessary. Camilo is on track to winning, being only one goal behind top spot (and we must keep in mind that Camilo didn't start the first 5 or 6 games, meaning he has played less minutes). I wouldn't count Camilo out of the Golden Boot, but it will be tough for him to continue his form when Teibert is gone and the long summer stretch begins.

Final Word:

Our Wee Brazilian probably isn't enough for such a strong Brazilian line-up, but Camilo could get a chance likely after the World Cup if injury's strike Brazil, and Camilo reaches top form with the Caps.

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