Whitecaps vs FC Edmonton: First Leg Preview

Thank God we have a game during the week to distract us from the Dallas train wreck.

The Caps, whoever started last saturday, watched from the bench or didn't even make the trip, will be hungry for a win, especially on the road.

Personally, I sometimes think the fan's laugh off the early games against Edmonton; their still a respectable team and posses the talent to maybe underdog it. Either way, here's the keys to the match.

1. Control the Tempo

When the Caps are playing a lower level team, it shouldn't be a problem. But last year on the away match, FC Edmonton controlled the tempo for long spells and I feel we were lucky to score two goals. This time, we should hold the ball and put a few in the back of the net.

2. Fullbacks

Our last few games, Y.P. hasn't performed great and Rochat has been non-existent, except when he messes up. Assuming we play Harvey, it would be nice to see him whip in a few crosses like last year. Pace on the outside will be key in a road game.

3. Pace Monsters

Tomorrow will be a great game for player's like Eric Hurtado and Kekuta Manneh, since Edmonton won't be able to handle their speed and their confidence might take a massive boost if they can play well and maybe put one in the back of the net.

Predicted Starting Line-Up:

I should note that with a game like this, the line-up can extremely vary. This lineup is just something that COULD happen.

Knighton, Klazura, Levron, Rusin, Harvey, Koffie, Tiebert, Reo-C, Manneh, Hurtado, Camilo

Predicted Score:

3-1 for the Caps

Camilo (17), Hurtado (74), Mattoks (89)

Camilo picks the top corner on a free kick just outside the box. Hurtado puts in a breakaway late and Mattoks knocks in a cross from Reo-Coker with his left foot.

Edmonton (I don't even know their players) puts one bast Knighton with a header in 67th.

Vancouver looks by far the dominant team and could have scored more. Our attack looks worlds better and the midfield is able to control the tempo and feed great balls. Our defence is solid but nothing to brag about. Edmonton's goal could have been prevented with spotty defence from Levron (who seems out of place, but shows potential).

The Caps look so much better then they did against Dallas, and show that they can beat the Toros, this Saturday.

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