Whitecaps Blacked Out on MLS Live

An email conversation I have had with MLS Live regarding the renewal of my subscription for the 2014 season:


According to this page: it seems like all Vancouver Whitecaps games will be blacked out. Can you confirm this is true?



Local blackout policies are set by the clubs and their broadcast partners. The Whitecaps confirmed this week that their contract with TSN requires online streaming to be blacked out so we added the information to our blackout information.
MLS LIVE is not intended to replace cable. The service is intended to augment existing cable TV options by providing online access to matches not available on your local cable system (e.g. an LA Galaxy fan living in Chicago hoping to watch TWCSN's coverage of the Galaxy.)


Well whatever you and the clubs intend the service to be, I use it to watch Whitecaps games. Or at least I did.
If you are indeed confirming that there will be no Whitecaps matches shown on MLS Live in the Greater Vancouver area then I would like to cancel my subscription renewal. I would not have renewed my service if I knew this was the case.
I'll be sure to let other know on the Whitecaps blogs and forums I participate in that MLS MatchDay is not a good buy for Whitecaps fans, and then maybe you can take it up with club and TSN about how to fix that for next year.
This shouldn't be hard for you all to figure out. There are people willing to pay you $60+ every year for you to do nothing but turn on a tap. You have a huge customer base out there that would be delighted to pay to have games streamed. I'll bet you haven't had a single customer say to you"oh yeah, blackouts would be a great idea!" In other words as customers, we feel like we're not getting what we are paying for. Instead you are responding to your suppliers. Bad business model It's like running an oceanside seafood restaurant, but refusing to sell fish because despite you customers assuming that's what you sell the fishermen won't give you their catch. Perhaps MLS should get out of the stream business altogether and let the clubs do it.
In the meantime, please refund my subscription.
Chris Corrigan


Hey guys...I have a been a three year subscriber to MLS Live. According to the MLS Live site, the deal you have made with TSN means that all Whitecaps games are blackedout on MLS Live.
I have been a season ticket holder and I am a Southsiders member and a long time supporter of the club. I do not have cable in my house. I have willingly paid money to MLS for these legal feeds of Whitecaps matches. Now they tell me that you have signed a deal with TSN that means that no Whitecaps matches will be shown on MLS Live.
I have no idea what to say to you guys. The blackout policies are stupid to begin with. But now you've destroyed the market for MLS Live in Vancouver. Maybe that was what you were hoping to do, but in reality you've just pushed it underground and lots of people are bitter. Below is the email I have sent to MLS Live and I'll be posting about this a lot at 86 forever where i am a regular commenter.
Figure it out guys. This isn't hard to do. The market wants Whitecaps football on MLS Live. The market is not clamouring for a blackout deal. Can you see how contemptuous this decision is towards your fans? We are the only team in the MLS not to have local coverage on MLS Live.
Now please fix this for next year and go out there and win some silverware this year.

Chris Corrigan ...who is now $60 richer.

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