The Best Reactions to Canada's Bronze Medal Triumph

Stanley Chou/Getty Images

The 2012 Olympic slogan is "Inspire a Generation". Take a bow #CanWNT. Mission accomplished.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC, via Twitter.

The Canadians' bronze win won't completely heal the hurt from Manchester, but it certainly provides our women more ammunition towards the future heading into the World Cup. And who knows? Maybe someday, we'll have another Canadian star/let tell the media, "I was inspired by that goal by Matheson." -- and if s/he does that, then we know that this game will have had the impact we have dreamed.

John Leung, Waking the Red, "Canada 1-0 France: Heartbreaker (or: We Got The Bronze!)"

The "I Believe" song actually kinda fits that goal. So I can tolerate it.

Lars Lowther, via Twitter.

Then Diana Matheson. A 4'11" woman who missed Olympic qualifying because of a serious knee injury but still hung out with the team because they're the truest band of sisters in Canadian sport. She did anything to help out that qualifying tournament because she just wanted to remain part of the team. She's eloquent, polite, the greatest representative for Canadian soccer you could ask for, one unknown to the general population but strongly admired by Canadian soccer fans. Picks up Sophie Schmidt's rebound and celebrate.

Unbelievable. That bronze medal makes gold look worthless. It was one of the greatest moments in Canadian soccer history.

Benjamin Massey, Eighty Six Forever, "Canada - France Post-Game: Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God"

It's not magic, it's justice and karma. It's blood sweat tears and guts. It's unparalleled skill and unmatched effort.

Adam van Koeverden, via Twitter, in reply to Bruce Arthur.

Can this team, and Canadian soccer as a whole, capitalize upon this achievement? Is this a watershed moment for the game in this country, or a mere blip on the radar of generalized disappointment? It'll take hard work to ensure that it's the former, rather than the latter, to be sure. And questions still remain about many aspects of the program.

But you know what, for today, those questions don't matter. Let's think about them tomorrow. For now, we can revel in the near-unspeakable reality that Canada has won an Olympic medal in soccer.

Daniel Squizzato, Some Canadian Guys Writing About Soccer, "Canada 1 France 0: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED"

I think we have PTSD in a positive way.

Christine Sinclair, post-match.

As it turns out, that song we sang at BC Place back in January, at the Olympic qualifiers, was true. Qué será, será / Whatever will be, will be / We’re going to Wembley / Qué será, será.

The medal presentation should take place around 1:45 PDT at Wembley Stadium in London. Congratulations to the Women’s National Soccer Team on one of the great Canadian Olympic performances of all time. You won a medal, but, more than that, you inspired the next generation of Sinclairs, Mathesons and Scotts. We’re all proud of you.

Chris Withers, Pucked in the Head, "Soccer Bronze"

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