I Wish That For Just One Time....

Imagine that, for one day only, you could stand inside the shoes of Paul Barber, CEO of the Vancouver Whitecaps

As you enter your ultra-modern glass windowed office you casually throw your Brent Black designed Panama hat to Krystal, your stunningly beautiful personal assistant, you place your feet rakishly on your vast custom made Parnian mahogany desk and take a well deserved moment to reflect on what a great first season this has been so far.

Under your stewardship the team is handily positioned in the Western Conference to make a concerted run at the play-offs and, the icing on the cake, they have just equalled their best ever performance in the Canadian Championship.

All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.

Yet as you scan the morning newspapers and blogs you can't help but notice that some supporters are still not happy with everything that you have achieved. Infuriated you throw your fine-nibbed "Patron of the Arts" limited edition Montblanc fountain pen against the window where it leaves a trail of blue ink sliding mockingly down the glass toward your Herringbone precision engineered hardwood floor.

"Get Lenarduzzi in here now!" you scream at Krystal, and she quickly scampers away with her whimsical Marc Jacobs limited edition summer dress flowing gently behind her.

As Bob Lenarduzzi enters the office you are still shaking your head in bewilderment at the ingratitude of some Whitecaps fans, but you didn't get where you are today by failing to respond to the whims and wishes of the prevailing trends so, as Bob Lenarduzzi carefully takes a seat in one of your Pininfarina office chairs (with patented "Dynamic Synchronized Tilting" system) you ask him the following question;

"What should be the highest priority for the Whitecaps in the next two weeks?"

Vote below to select the answer that you think Bob Lenarduzzi should give. 

First though the results from the previous poll in which over 20% thought that bad language should be banned completely or limited to the designated supporters section and 42% thinking that it is acceptable everywhere except the family area. 28% simply voted "Fuck off."

Now vote below.

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