Talking Tactics

Hmmm? So still no MLS win since the opening game against Toronto and still no points on the road. Maybe it's time to take an in-depth look at the tactics that Teitur Thordason is employing (and when I say "in-depth look" I mean "hastily assembled ramblings").

Specifically though is he getting the formation right? Let's look at his options;

4-4-2- Is what they play now. The pluses are that the coach likes it (obviously), the players understand it, and the Whitecaps have mostly stayed in games whilst playing it. The minuses are that it lacks flexibility and the two strikers are often left isolated (especially away from home). Yet once everybody is fit it could well be the best system for this group of players.

4-4-1-1- This would keep the basic structure but allow Chiumiento to play behind the striker and give our best play-maker more freedom to create chances and link up with the midfield (Camilo could probably also fill this role). The problem is that it leaves us looking light in attack and reliant on a "mercurial" player.

4-3-1-2- In this system the Caps can still have a play-maker but they also get two up front for greater potency. The downsides are that they lose the width that has produced so many of their goals. 

4-3-3- Three in midfield still look to be a problem but with three up front the midfield trio has less need to push forward so can remain more solid. The team would probably be more dangerous going forward but could wind up heavily outnumbered when under pressure.

5-3-2- This keeps two up front and loads up numbers at the back with three central defenders. The full-backs could even play as wing backs at home but again we lose the attacking wide players that can be so effective.

Pick your poison below. All of these options have something going for them and something against them. Hey! You should even feel free to to submit your own outlandish 2-2-2-2-2 system or the like if you wish, maybe you will transform the future of Canadian soccer (but I doubt it).

But first the result of last weeks poll which asked "Which Whitecap Worries You the Most". I know that a lot of you wanted "none of the above" but you can't always get what you want.

Eric Hassli stormed into an early lead but was eventually caught and tied by Jay Nolly who made a last minute surge. Perhaps surprisingly 23% were most worried about Thordason with Camilo and Chiumiento barely causing a furrowed brow.

Now let's get out the vote for the big poll of the day!

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