Mid-Week Game Day News and Notes

Jay Nolly's shoulder might hurt, but at least he still fights douchebags.

I feel like I just wrote one of these! In fact, I did, just on Saturday, where I made mention of a bit of good news but mostly bemoaned how every player on the team seemed to be catastrophically injured. Well, in half a week, not much has changed, and the Vancouver Whitecaps are still spending as much time in the infirmary as on the field while preparing for the New England Revolution.

In fact, I'm adding a player to the injury list and not taking a soul off of it. How depressing is that? If you go back to the news and notes for our home opener, you'll notice a few familiar names in the injured column. Salinas, Nanchoff, DeMerit, Janicki, Cannon... it's almost eerie. Except that there are more names on the current version. To be fair, DeMerit and Janicki were removed for week two; they just got back on.

What are we feeding these guys? Nitroglycerin? Obviously, three games in is too early to accuse the Whitecaps of having some structural failing in their training regime. Especially given that the team was relatively healthy last season. It's still concerning, and, whatever the reason, injuries once again dominate our Game Day News and Notes.

The Seemingly Inevitable Injury Update:

  • Greg Janicki left the Sporting Kansas City game early (but not near early enough) with a hip pointer. He's not on the MLS pre-game injury report, but if you trust those I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you. He's probably out for this game.
  • No official word on Jay DeMerit and his groin. Everybody is supposed to be "hopeful". We'll see what that means. I don't even want to hazard a guess.
  • Given the hubbub around our centre back situation, I should point out that, when he was signed, Mouloud Akloul said he was probably a couple weeks away from match fitness. It hasn't been a couple weeks yet and I'd be surprised to see him start this game barring disaster.
  • Davide Chiumiento (hamstring) looked fit against Philadelphia and has apparently been good in practice. There doesn't seem to be any expectation he'll start but he'll be on the bench again at minimum.
  • John Thorrington (quad) is "getting close", but I've been saying that since the Toronto FC game. Come on.
  • Shea Salinas (knee) is still on the long-term list. Michael Nanchoff (groin) is still on the "we have no compelling evidence you exist" list.
  • Jay Nolly's shoulder is still bad enough that it's being listed on the team injury report, but not so bad that there's much of a chance he won't start again tonight.

Players Who Aren't Injured, But We Still Can't Have:

New England's Own Not-Significant Injured List:

  • Goalkeeper Matt Reis is the most notable name: he was earlier expected to miss the game with an adductor strain. When I say "expected", I mean the Revolution said so but nobody believed them. He's now been upgraded to "probable" so, well then.
  • Defender Franco Coria (hamstring) and midfielders Ousmano Dabo (quad), Marko Percovic (hamstring), and Andrew Sousa (quad) are all expected to miss the game. Defenders Kevin Alston ((hamstring) and Didier Domi (knee) are both fighting knocks.

Get to the Match:

  • As with every home match, the Vancouver Southsiders will be gathering at Oscar's Pub on East Hastings and Boundary before the game. People will start showing up at around 4:30 PM and the march to the stadium starts at six. So hurry over from work and be part of our little attack on Vancouver rush-hour traffic (I won't actually be there, mind you; I'm working through this game).
  • And this isn't strictly relevant to the header, but just because I'm a Southsider doesn't mean I'll exclusively pimp them. A few other bands of supporters are starting to get together, and if they'd like their pre-game activities to get some love then send me an e-mail using the letter link by my name at the bottom of the page.
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